Disrupting the Gender Gap

Our goal is to inspire greater innovation in gender equality and promote social change by empowering women through various means, including raising awareness, sharing success stories, unlocking potential, and fostering female leadership. 

Our Mission

CodeForce healthcare is committed to breaking the gender gap by providing inclusive and equitable access to education and training. It helps to create opportunities for women and enables them to reach their full potential. 

Roadmap to our Mission Goals

We review job descriptions and marketing to eliminate exclusive language or requirements, expanding our talent pool and fostering greater inclusivity for women. 

We prioritize inclusivity when evaluating or testing candidates by leveraging unbiased skill assessments and fair measures of talent, irrespective of the individual’s identity. 

We collaborate with our clients to provide them with data that can be leveraged to analyze their current practices and identify areas where they can improve access for women in the tech industry. It allows us to work together to create more equitable opportunities for women in the field. 



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